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For Honor's Black Prior's Riposte event is here

Earn exclusive cosmetic items and play in the new Battle of Attrition mode that puts a spin on the Dominion gameplay.

Ubisoft has revealed that the first seasonal event of Year 3 has landed in For Honor, as Black Prior's Riposte will let players explore the narrative of the Black Priors alongside a limited-time mode and other rewards you've come to expect from these sorts of events.

The new game mode lets players relive the Battle of Attrition, and this is a 4v4 mode that takes the Dominion mode and puts its own set of rules on it. You gain points by conquering side zones, with each worth 500 and unable to be recaptured once its taken, and defenders gain points by killing soldiers and enemy players. Both teams can also capture the main lane too, again worth 500 points, but the first team to reach 1,000 will break the other team.

Daily orders will also be available linked to the Battle of Attrition from the perspective of each faction, and there are even unique weekly quests via Arcade mode for those with the Marching Fire expansion.

In terms of items and rewards, these include outfits, mood effects, ornaments, emotes, and weapons, and you can get the Black Prior's Riposte Bundles at 30,000 Steel per hero, a price that may differ depending on if you've already unlocked items in the bundle.

There will be more content coming throughout the year, including events with each season, but for now you can watch a trailer for the new content below, and take a look at some screens.

Are you going to dive in this weekend?

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