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Windjammers 2

Dotemu shows off Windjammers 2 gameplay in new trailer

See how the colourful disc-smashing sports game is shaping up, as well as a new character and new mechanics.

Windjammers 2 - the delightfully colourful, visually stunning sports game from Dotemu - releases later this year, and for those of you that have been waiting for some of that sweet, sweet gameplay, we have just that for you down below.

Apart from showing off the lovely visuals, there's a new character and new abilities being shown as well. The new character, Max, can be seen battling it out against Mita, Wessel, and Grace. Here we can see jumps, smashes, and slapshots on the court, introducing some style to the sport.

Want to learn more about the game? Check it out below.

Windjammers 2