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Battlefield V's Firestorm mode landing on March 25

We have a brand new trailer ahead of the launch later this month, showing off some of the tools of destruction in the mode.

Earlier this month we reported that a Daily Order about Firestorm in Battlefield V had emerged and was shared online, leading many to speculate that the upcoming battle royale mode would be landing soon. It turns out people were right, as it's arriving on March 25, and we even have a new trailer ahead of launch.

Along with the usual mix of dropping in and shooting enemies, we also see soldiers driving tractors and using towable weaponry; what looks to be an air strike; an amphibious vehicle; a helicopter; and the titular Firestorm itself.

Earlier this month a video apparently serving as a Firestorm tutorial was leaked too, so we've got quite a good idea of how the game will play out ahead of its release in 10 days' time.

Have you been waiting for this?

Battlefield V