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Supernova Capital LLP acquires Shadow Warrior studio

Flying Wild Hog is part of former Splash Damage CEO Paul Wedgwood's latest venture now, which has only just launched.

Supernova Capital LLP, founded by former Splash Damage CEO Paul Wedgwood, has revealed that it has acquired Flying Wild Hog via a new press release, which is the debut partnership to celebrate the launch of Supernova.

Flying Wild Hog has produced titles like Shadow Warrior in the past, and here's what CEO Michał Szustak had to say on the acquisition:

"We don't chase every opportunity. We are looking only for partnerships that ensure further growth and help to realize our ambitions. With Supernova, it feels like we have reconnected with our older, more experienced siblings. They share the same values as us - passion for players, employee happiness, and boundary-pushing creativity. The last 10 years of Hogs' history wasn't always easy but I feel that with Supernova, we can finally focus on the thing we love the most: making awesome games. New owners or not, the Flying Wild Hog you know won't be changing its culture, and we've got some exciting new game announcements to share with you soon!"

"This is a completely new venture, built on the premise of solving one simple problem: founders and CEOs face a significant amount of stress and pressure as the years pass, ultimately trickling down to their staff and fans," Wedgwood said on Supernova. "We designed Supernova to reignite the passion in struggling star developers by simply caring for them; reducing confusion, decreasing politics, raising productivity, profitability, and dramatically improving morale - essentially fusing their talents with Supernova's proven leadership, so that together, we can create the happiest and healthiest and most profitable studios in our solar system."

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