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The Division 2

Take a look at The Division 2 Xbox One X Enhanced

The Inside Xbox stream last night provided a new trailer showing how the powerful console will boost Ubisoft's title.

There was a lot of talk about what would be shown during the Inside Xbox livestream yesterday, and while Halo's Master Chief Collection coming to PC undoubtedly took the headlines, that doesn't mean that it was all first-party stuff, as The Division 2 also got some love with a new trailer.

This showed Ubisoft's game with the extra enhancements available by the Xbox One X, including 4K resolution with HDR, as we've come to expect from the meaty console which has made a lot of other games in the past look better with these visual options.

The Division 2 releases March 15, but if you'd rather play on PS4 you should probably know that the game is huge on Sony's console. If that's all fine then, you only have a few days to wait until you can step into Washington DC, and the launch trailer below should get the blood pumping.

Which is your platform of choice?

The Division 2