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Divinity: Original Sin II

Divinity: Original Sin II getting free Gift Bag content drops

These are coming throughout the year and the first is live right now, bringing new character customisation options.

Larian Studios has revealed a number of content updates coming to Divinity: Original Sin II on PC, PS4, and Xbox One over the course of 2019, being created alongside Fools Theory and Anshar Studios.

Gift Bags (which Larian Studios makes clear are not loot boxes) will be coming to give gifts to players, with each being free and patched periodically to each platform. The first of these has already released to bring new faces, hairstyles, and facial features to use when creating a character, while the second Gift Bag contains content inspired by the modding community. What's inside this bag though remains a secret.

Larian wants players to send in screenshots of the new content in action, so if you've been using the new features from the first Gift Bag maybe it'd be worth sending them the results.

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Divinity: Original Sin II