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Dead or Alive 6

You can now unlock costumes much faster in Dead or Alive 6

The Twitter account for the game revealed some improvements that affect game modes and costume unlocks for the fighting game.

There are few games where costumes play as vital a role as in the Dead or Alive series. As you likely know, there's even the Dead or Alive: Xtreme games where unlocking costumes (well, bathing suits) is basically all there is to it, and it's also a big part of the recently released Dead or Alive 6 (which we reviewed last week). Unlocking everything can be a long process though, and now the official Twitter account for the game has announced that several improvements have arrived:

• Costume pattern parts earned will be increased x100 (max).
• In addition to Ranked matches, this campaign will also include Arcade Mode, Time Attack mode, and Survival mode.

That basically means that unlocking parts for costumes is 100 times faster now (which says something about how slow it was before). Another change is that you will actually unlock costumes for the characters you're playing with, as opposed to the random ones you got before, leading to Hitomi fans getting stuff for Brad Wong or Zack instead of what they actually wanted.

Is unlocking costumes in games important for you?

Dead or Alive 6