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The Division 2

The Division 2's launch trailer has landed

This sets the scene for the epic conflict befalling the US capital, and gives us a taste of what awaits us in Ubisoft's shooter next week.

Fans of The Division don't have long to wait until the sequel arrives, as March 15 is the date when players can return to the series by diving into Washington DC on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. While that might be over a week away, that hasn't stopped Ubisoft from pulling the trigger on the launch trailer.

This trailer is quite a cinematic one setting the background for the world that we'll be getting into this month, so expect a lot of explosions, epic music, slow-motion, and of course plenty of gunfire.

If you want more of a taste of the gameplay though, then be sure to check out our livestream replay below of the open beta earlier this month, as we stepped into the game yet again to see what's what. You can also check out both of our previews - Dark Zone & PvP as well as endgame and campaign.

Are you heading into Washington DC on release day?

The Division 2