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Dragon's Dogma

Capcom's sales expectations

Raccoon City, Dragon's Dogma and more

Cpacom have released some sales projections for their fiscal year that ends March 31 2012. The Japanese publisher puts their biggest faith in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City which is expected to sell 2.5 million copies, considerably less than Resident Evil 5 did, but still a substantial amount. Dragon's Dogma the major new fantasy project from one of Capcom's internal teams is expected to sell 1.5 million, while Street Fighter X Tekken is estimated to do 2 million in sales. The latter is thus confirmed for release before the end of March which is good news for fight fans. Meanwhile Capcom has more modest expectations for Dead Rising 2: Off the Record which is expected to sell 800,000 copies.

Dragon's Dogma
Will Dragon's Dogma sell 1.5 million copies? Capcom thinks so...