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Control's Jesse encompasses "strong, inspired, passionate" women

Actor Courtney Hope sat down to answer some questions from the community, including what women inspired her.

Remedy fans might be eagerly waiting for their next game Control, and while we've had new trailers to keep us satisfied in recent months, a brand new Q&A video has been released on YouTube in which Courtney Hope - who plays protagonist Jesse Faden in the game - answers some questions from the community.

Within the interview Hope was asked about women, fictional or real, that inspired her for the role of Jesse, and the response was the following:

"I mean, for me I definitely took the embodiment of what a strong, inspired, passionate woman was from myself and just from other women around me, women in my family, aunts, my grandmother, my mother, and then other women out in the world, other people I've worked with or other celebrities - just what it meant to have that something inside of you, a fight, something that you're passionate about and you're fighting for or searching for or curious about."

"Whatever that meant, and trying to encompass all of that into what Jesse was, was kind of my goal. It was more of like a broad spectrum of what the definition of that strength and hero meant, and how can I find that in physical attributes and body language and emotion and all that stuff."

For more on Hope's Q&A, including the lessons she learned from acting in Quantum Break and the various voices she can do, check out the full interview down below. If you're interested in Control you should also check out the very ominous trailer we received at the end of last year.

Are you glad to see Hope return in Control?