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Smite on Nintendo Switch goes free-to-play

Ever wanted to check out Smite on Switch? Well, you're in luck, because the Hi-Rez Studios game is going free-to-play on the console.

Hi-Rez Studios announced that, as of right now, the popular game Smite is free-to-play on Nintendo's hybrid console format. The Switch version is now free to download and play on the Nintendo Switch eShop, with all of the features active, such as the lovely addition of crossplay with PC and Xbox One players.

Cross progression is also a feature for the free-to-play Switch crowd, letting players use any gods and skins as well as sharing their in-game progress from PC or Xbox One on their Switch version of the game. Additionally, the Ultimate God Pack is also available for purchase on the eShop, giving Switch players access to all of the game's current 100 gods and any future dieties.