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Battlerite Royale

Battlerite Royale leaves Early Access

The battle royale-MOBA hybrid is moving from Early Access to its free-to-play full release.

  • Text: Ben Kerry

Stunlock Studios has announced a host of changes to its battle royale-MOBA mash-up, Battlerite Royale, including news of the game's shift from paid-for Early Access title to free-to-play full release today, February 19. As is the norm these days with live service titles, a battle pass system has been implemented, and the new launch marks the beginning of season one content coming to the game.

New additions including earnable pet companions have also been added to the mix, as a reward for players making use of the premium battle pass. These furry friends will accompany you in the arena and are extremely loyal, even if you are leading them to an early demise...

Three new champions have been released alongside the pets: Oldur, Taya and Pearl. These three have the ability to blend space and time, summon tornadoes and unleash the ocean's fury, respectively. The complete champions DLC, which includes all premium characters, has also seen a price cut, down to £15.49 / $19.99.

Dubbed the "BIG PATCH", the update that releases alongside the transition to full release contains numerous new features and bug fixes, including map additions, game/character speed changes and new customisation features housed in The Armoury.

Battlerite Royale