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Releasing This Week: February 18-24

Anthem, Steins;Gate Elite, Batalj, Battlerite Royale, and Bannermen make it out this week.

Originally, many of last week's big releases were meant to come out this week (including Metro Exodus and Crackdown 3) so things are a bit slower even with Bioware's Anthem due out.

February 19:
An updated version of the original Steins;Gate called Steins;Gate Elite (PC, PS4, Switch) should keep visual novel fans busy, additionally 8-Bit ADV Steins;Gate will be released as a bonus on Switch letting you take in Akihabara in 8-bit fashion. As if that's not enough Steins;Gate Linear Bounded Phenogram also gets a release on PC and PS4 this week as a bonus for those versions of Steins;Gate Elite. But it's not all Steins;Gate, this day also marks the official launch of battle royale arena brawler, Battlerite Royale on PC. There's also the PC version of Yakuza Kiwami, and VR title Dick Wilde 2 arrives on PC (Vive and Oculus) and PS4 (PSVR). The cute co-op puzzle-platformer Pode comes to PS4 (already out on Switch). Set in 1980s Taiwan, first-person horror title Devotion hopes to scare us on PC. Surreal visual novel The Window Box is set to release on PC. Roguelike Unexplored: Unlocked Edition comes to PS4 and Xbox One.

February 20:
A slow release day, but the entertaining FMV investigative game The Shapeshifting Detective lands on iOS devices.

February 21:
Turn-based PvP title Batalj from Fall Damage Studios launches via Steam. Real-time strategy title Bannermen also sees release on PC, while QUBE 2 arrives on Switch.

February 22:
The official launch day of the latest game from Bioware, Anthem, is finally here. Experience the new sci-fi world from the studio that gave us Dragon Age and Mass Effect along with friends on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Aragami: Shadow Edition lands on Nintendo Switch. Physics-based 2.5D platformer The Prometheus Secret Noohra hits PC.

Are you picking up any of these games this week?

Pode from Henchman & Goon comes to PlayStation 4 this week.