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Rainbow Six: Siege

We've got a tutorial video for Siege's Operation Burnt Horizon

In Montreal we got to play the new content, and we've got a video breaking down the map and the two Operators.

We've been in Montreal, Canada this past weekend to report on the Six Invitational esports event for Rainbow Six: Siege, but we also got a good look at Operation Burnt Horizon that's coming as the first season of the fourth year of content, bringing two new Operators and a map from Australia.

After getting stuck in and capturing some gameplay we've got a tutorial video down below that breaks down the abilities of the two Operators, the map, and what all of this brings to the table. If you're intrigued by the upcoming content, be sure to watch this down below to see how it all works.

Do you like the look of Year 4 Season 1?

Rainbow Six: Siege