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Rainbow Six: Siege

Operation Burnt Horizon for Siege "showing love" to Australian fans

We talked to Artwork Presentation Director Alexander Karpazis about the Year 4 Season 1 content and the choice of Australia in particular.

We've been in snowy Montreal this weekend to look at all the esports action going down at the Six Invitational, but during our time in the city we also got to talk with Artwork Presentation Director Alexander Karpazis to hear all about Operation Burnt Horizon coming to Rainbow Six: Siege as the first season of Year 4.

"So we have the map called Outback," he said. "It is a large L-shaped building that actually has three different sections within it. We have the restaurant, we have the bunks, and we have the garage, and each section is actually colour-coded so that you can actually learn the map a lot faster."

"We learned a lot from making a lot of maps - I think we're up to 21 maps now - so we learned a lot and tried to make it easier for people to jump in and learn the structure of it."

We also asked about the new Operators, starting with Mozzie:

"So Mozzie is a wildly energetic individual, he is a defender, and he's actually the first Operator to capture attacking drones in the prep phase and during the rest of the match."

"We haven't touched the droning phase since launch almost, so this was an opportunity for us to say 'okay let's challenge this, let's create an Operator that can create counter-intel, deny that intel, and provide intel for his own team', and Mozzie kind of fits that role perfectly now."

"Gridlock is super interesting," Karpazis said of Mozzie's partner in crime. "She's the second Operator that can deny a lot of roaming. She kind of locks down entire rooms and can also really make a recapture of a planted objective really, really hard for the defending team."

We also asked about the choice of Australia in particular, to which he responded:

"We're always looking at what we're representing in our game, trying to make it as diverse as possible, so we're trying to always visit new places. You'll see in our Year 4 roadmap we're introducing more nationalities per season so that we have a greater, diverse cast, and Australia was interesting because we haven't been there before, we have a huge fanbase there, and we wanted to show a lot of love to them."

Do you think these Operators and the new map will be a good addition to Rainbow Six: Siege?

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