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Rainbow Six: Siege

Battle royale for Rainbow Six: Siege "out of the question"

We talked to brand director Alex Remy at the Six Invitational in Montreal, where he said that Siege isn't planning on moving into the packed genre.

This weekend we've been witnessing the best Rainbow Six: Siege players battle it out at the Six Invitational in Montreal, but it's not all about esports, as we visited Ubisoft's studio in the Canadian city to hear about the content on the way.

This included an interview with someone we've talked to many times before, brand director Alex Remy, which you can see below. In the interview we talk about the many changes on the way and the content ahead, but we also asked about whether we can see Siege dip its toes into battle royale, since it's been trying out new stuff like the Outbreak event last year,

"No, I think battle royale is already out of the question," he said. "Rainbow Six, it's a game that follows rules, follows pillars that are not compatible with battle royale. The asymmetric nature of the game, the importance of team composition, team synergy, and team communication, the importance of destruction, of Operators - all of those elements, clear rules that are making Rainbow Six really a unique experience in the shooter genre, are not compatible with the battle royale."

"And to be very, very honest, I think there are people that are doing battle royale tremendously well, so it would be almost, for us, throwing ourselves in a room where we may fail. I think Rainbow Six should be Rainbow Six, what it is, keep on doing what we do, so bringing new Operators, bringing more features, helping our overall player experience in the best way that we are doing, but Rainbow Six is not a battle royale and does not intend to be."

Would you have liked to see Siege try out a battle royale mode?

Rainbow Six: Siege