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Rainbow Six: Siege

Year 4 of Siege bringing "really awesome" Danish Operator

We spoke to brand director Alex Remy about what's coming in the roadmap this year, including smaller map reworks and Operators.

The Six Invitational has been taking place this weekend in Montreal, Canada, the home of the studio that is in charge of the tactical shooter from Ubisoft. It was at this very studio that we spoke to brand director Alex Remy, during which time we asked for an overview of the content coming with Year 4, kicking off soon with Operation Burnt Horizon.

"So Season One for next year is indeed going to Australia with Burnt Horizon, and then the three following seasons are seasons where we're introducing obviously two new Operators per season. So Season Two we're gonna have USA secret services alongside a Denmark Operator which is awesome, like really awesome, like I can't wait for you guys to see it actually, see her actually," he laughs. "I'm giving you so much details!"

"And then we're going to Central and South America with Mexico and Peru, two new Operators from that region, and finally we're finishing the year with India and Kenya. So two, again, countries and nationalities that we've never visited yet, so I'm very excited about this."

"Season Two, Season Three, Season Four will also have a change, which is we do not bring a new map, and instead we're pushing reworks, which is taking existing maps in the pool - the ones that need some quite serious rebalancing or even a rework of full layouts - and this is what we're taking."

"That being said, the reworks are going to be a bit different from what you guys have probably seen with Hereford. We are not doing that much, because we do believe that with Hereford we went a little too far. Hereford is not anymore the Hereford you used to know, it's almost 100% a new map, and with the reworks we're introducing this year the idea is to keep everything that works in those maps - including the fantasy that we feel is important - and rework only the sections that really deserve and need them. So you should feel that sense of familiar idea of the map that you used to play and used to love, but rework on sections that are unbalanced or not working properly."

You can catch the full interview down below as well as a Burnt Horizon trailer to prepare for the new Australian map and Operators.

Are you hyped for the new content on the way?

Rainbow Six: Siege