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Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus will pre-load on Steam but not the Epic Store

The Twitter account for the game confirmed the news, and there was the expected response given the backlash to the exclusivity deal.

Metro Exodus is back in the headlines once again. Late last month we found out that the game would be launching exclusively via the Epic Games Store on PC, although we knew that those who bought it elsewhere like on Steam would still get it on the platform of purchase, including all DLC in the future.

In an unexpected turn of events though, the official Metro Twitter account has revealed that pre-load for Steam users will happen, and that fans should stay tuned for more. That's not the surprising part though, as another tweet confirmed that pre-load is "not planned" for the Epic Games Store version.

As you might have expected if you've ever had experience with people on the internet, this wasn't exactly a welcome announcement considering the exclusivity deal (that will last until 2020). All in all this is just another controversy to add to the list since the exclusivity was revealed, including series creator Dmitry Glukhovsky issuing a statement to fans apologising for the situation and one developer claiming the future PC releases might be put in doubt because of the uproar (something that was later denied).

Regardless, our review of the game is now live and you can check it out right here. Are you planning to play on PC?

Metro Exodus

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