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Crash Bandicoot: Nsane Trilogy

Crash Bandicoot: Nsane Trilogy ships over 10 million units

Activision Blizzard reiterated their belief that the classic franchises continue to be popular within their recent earnings report.

While we've had a lot of earnings reports over the last few weeks, a lot of people have been eagerly awaiting Activision Blizzard's for the fourth quarter of their financial year 2018, ending on December 31. This has just arrived, and among the big headlines we find out that Crash Bandicoot has delivered solidly for the company.

The Nsane Trilogy, which remastered the first three games released on the original PlayStation and originally released on PS4 in 2017, has now passed 10 million units shipped. This is no doubt helped by the fact that the game also released later on Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox One.

What's more is that the launch of Spyro: Reignited Trilogy in November was also deemed "successful, both of which serve to "highlight the enduring nature of Activision's classic franchises," according to the report.

These both contribute to what Activision Blizzard deemed a financially successful year, although with restructuring we've just found out that around 800 jobs will be laid off around the company.

Can Spyro sell as well?

Crash Bandicoot: Nsane Trilogy