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Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

Watch our Celtic vs Rangers gameplay from PES Data Pack 4.0

The updated stadiums have just been introduced into the game with the update, and we give you a good look at the results.

Earlier this month we reported that Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 had just received Data Pack 4.0 to update the game yet again with new content, from boots to new player faces, but one of the biggest changes was the fact that fans got the updated stadiums for Rangers and Celtic FC in Scotland.

How do they look though? Well we asked ourselves that too, which is why we captured some gameplay of a full match to show you down below, where you can also see behind-the-scenes videos of scanning the faces for both top teams.

In other PES news, myCoins have been removed from sale in Belgium following the country's tightened laws on loot boxes, following in the footsteps of EA with FIFA, who removed FIFA points from sale last month.

Are you a Celtic or Rangers fan?

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019