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Rage 2

Check out almost 10 minutes of new Rage 2 gameplay

The pre-beta video gives us a taste of the combat, vehicles, enemies, and more coming this May from Avalanche and id Software.

Avalanche Studios and id Software are working hard to deliver Rage 2 to us on May 14 this year, packed full of all the explosive action we can expect from both developers, and now we have 10 minutes of new pre-beta gameplay to show us what we're signing up for.

We can see vehicular action in the new video, along with a new ability, a ride on what looks to be a big drone, a giant mech suit, and tons of weapons - basically all that you'd want to see given what we know about Rage 2's brand of chaos so far.

At the end we also get a glimpse of what's coming soon, so if you want to get ready to Rage 2 then be sure to check out the whole thing down below. It pretty much confirms what id Softare's Tim Willits told us last year, as he described the game as a "dance of death".

Be sure to check out our open world impressions if you're looking forward to the game as well, which is coming our way on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Has this trailer got you pumped?

Rage 2