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Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

PES 2019 removing myClub coins from sale in Belgium

After FIFA 19 did the same last month, the Belgian rules on loot boxes have affected another big game and its microtransactions.

Loot boxes are a controversial practice in our industry, alongside microtransactions, but now Belgian officials have started cracking down on the practice in the country, and we've seen a lot of change. Some Square Enix games were removed from sale last year because they didn't align with the new rules, and the Belgian Gambling Commission (Kansspelcommissie) also launched an investigation into loot boxes in FIFA 19 as well.

Staying on the topic of football, Konami has now revealed some big changes that'll affect Belgian players of Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 as well, which comes after the Belgian Gaming Commission's (BGC) report on loot boxes, meaning local changes.

Belgian players can no longer buy myClub coins as a result of this, and this discontinuation will happen across PS4, Xbox One, and PC one after another as preparations are made. Players can continue to use existing coins along with free coins rewarded for playing the game, however.

EA removed FIFA points from sale in Belgium last month, but one big difference between the two announcements, however, is that Konami writes that "we fully respect the BGC's interpretation of relevant laws." EA, on the other hand, said the following:

"While we are taking this action, we do not agree with Belgian authorities' interpretation of the law, and we will continue to seek more clarity on the matter as we go forward."

Regardless, it seems that the battle between Belgian authorities and loot boxes isn't going away any time soon, and with games being removed from sale for failing to comply, it seems to choice is to change the practice or face the consequences.

Do you agree with Belgian rules?

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019