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The Division 2

The Division 2's open beta starts next month

Massive Entertainment announced the release date for the upcoming The Division 2 open beta test.

The upcoming sequel to Ubisoft's The Division releases on March 15 of this year, but for those wanting to experience some of it beforehand, the open beta is launching shortly. Developer Massive Entertainment recently announced that the beta will be open for all starting March 1 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, and it's worth noting that the players coming from the private beta will not get to keep their progression.

In the open beta, players will get to experience the post-pandemic streets of Washington DC until it ends on March 4, and the existence of the open beta isn't all that surprising since a developer let slip that it was coming during a recent livestream.

We've just finished our time with the private beta, and if you missed that then be sure to check out our livestream replay down below. If you want you can also check out our two previews from our extended hands-on time with the game, whether that's PvP and Dark Zones or endgame and campaign.

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The Division 2