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Pode is coming to PlayStation 4 this month

The co-op game inspired by Norwegian culture originally launched on the Nintendo Switch, and now PS4 players can play together too.

Indie developer Henchman & Goon has revealed that their co-op game Pode is coming to the PlayStation Store on February 19, having already launched on Nintendo Switch to introduce fans to Bulder and Glo.

These two characters contrast with one another to such an extent that players will need to work together to succeed, solving puzzles to progress. As they go up the mysterious mountain players will also get to see visuals inspired by Norwegian art and culture, and all of this has helped Pode win many awards since release.

"We think of Pode as a game for everyone. Whether you play it with your child, a friend or a significant other, it has something for all," said Yngvill Hopen, Game Director and CEO at Henchman & Goon. "Since the launch on Nintendo Switch last year we've been getting loads of positive feedback from our players and we are excited to bring Pode to the PlayStation Store so that even more people can try out this bonding experience."

The studio's CEO Yngvill Hopen is due to give a talk at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) next month called Pode: A Rose Painted Adventure, and here he will talk about the visual style of the game and the influences at play.

For now though be sure to check out the brand new PS4 trailer below. Will you be getting this for yourself and a partner on PlayStation?