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Apex Legends bug leaves players invincible

A few bugs have come out of the woodwork a week after launch, one of which is causing people to lose matches.

Respawn's Apex Legends may have had its first week without any major hitches, aside from a few server issues kicking people out of the lobbies after they finished matches, but now a few minor bugs have emerged online, one of which is letting people get easy wins.

One such bug was shared on Reddit and claims one player couldn't jump off the starting ship and was immune to all damage, meaning they won the game after the ring had closed and killed everyone. This aligns with other reports that people have been left wandering around the map trying to find players at the end of the match, only to die to the circle after failing to see them.

Another incident - again reported on Reddit - saw one player get around 125 million Apex coins, which isn't particularly shabby for a free payout, but again is undoubtedly the result of a bug rather than a generous giveaway by Respawn.

Considering the lack of technical complaints aimed at the game thus far and the fact that it's generated enough of a buzz to get 25 million players on board in a week, we can't imagine these are really going to dent the game's image, although they're bugs that need to be fixed moving forwards.

Have you encountered any strange bugs?

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