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Apex Legends gets 25 million players in a week

After launching last Monday Respawn has hit milestone after milestone with their game, prompting comparisons to Fortnite's success.

Ever since Apex Legends launched as a free-to-play title last Monday the numbers have been staggering. First we heard that a million players had tried the game in eight hours before hitting 2.5 million in 24 hours, eventually climbing to 10 million in 72 hours, and now we have another milestone to tell you about after a week.

The official Twitter account for the game shared that the game has gathered 25 million players into the mix already, a week after it launched, which represents outstanding growth for Respawn's battle royale title. The tweet also thanks some of the content creators like Michael 'Shroud' Grzesiek who have helped increase exposure for the game, both during the preview event and after release on their streams.

It's worth reminding you that we're far from done with Apex Legends too, as we already have a roadmap of content for the rest of 2019, which includes Battle Passes, Legends, and more coming into the mix to keep things fresh.

This has raised questions as to whether Fortnite might be in trouble. Of course even with this impressive milestone it doesn't look as if Apex Legends has quite hit the heights of Epic Games' title, which was reported to have 200 million players back in November, but there have been some recent incidents which have made people think Epic are cautious at least. After all, targeted ads have been appearing for Fortnite when people search Apex Legends and Epic's vice president deleted a tweet in which he congratulated Respawn on the game.

How far can Apex grow?

Apex Legends