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New Apex Legends skins may have leaked

The scanning legend Bloodhound has been spotted with a brand new outfit, adding to reports of white skins appearing in the game.

A skin for one of the eight characters in Apex Legends may have leaked thanks to a glitch in the game's lobby menu, as reported Vg247. In two separate threads on Reddit, a skin variation shows the Legend Bloodhound in a different outfit than we've seen him in when browsing the menus. This was a white skin, and other users have said they've seen Caustic and Gibraltar dressed similarly.

Reddit users spicyboooi and Seasonics40 both captured screenshots of the skin, making the rumour at least a bit more believable and less likely to be cooked up in Photoshop.

You can already get plenty of skins for the game and its Legends but these ones are unconfirmed and unreleased, so we may be seeing these in the future alongside even more as the roadmap of content for the year progresses.

What do you think? It this skin coming to the realm in the future?

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