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Z1 Battle Royale

Season 3 brings biggest H1Z1 update ever to PS4

There are two new game modes, ranked leaderboards, a fresh Battle Pass, and a whole lot of improvements on the way.

Daybreak Games has revealed that Season 3 of H1Z1 on PlayStation 4 is starting on February 21, which aims to take the game 'Beyond Royale' as the expansion includes the largest update in the game's history. This includes two new game modes, ranked leaderboards, a new 100-tier Battle Pass, and more.

FFA Deathmatch is a new game mode that sees 50 players drop into a small zone with instant respawn and constantly rotating weapons, aiming to get 25 kills before time runs out. If you need some practice though make sure to get into Training Grounds, which lets you try weapons out before heading into the real deal.

Ranked leaderboards are here to run alongside seasonal leaderboards too, introducing a new ranking system for Solos, Duos, and Fives. Ranks are in six categories ranging from Bronze to Master, tracking kills, matches played, and more statistics before resetting at the end of the season.

The Season 3 Battle Pass is also bringing over 200 cosmetic items to players as well, making it the largest Battle Pass to date. PS Plus subscribers get an extra reward track for exclusive items too.

Lobbies have also been designed as part of the enhancements, alongside new front-end UI, exclusive challenges to players who complete the Battle Pass, and attendance rewards.

For more on Season 3 check out the brand new trailer below, or check out the official page on the website.

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Z1 Battle Royale
Z1 Battle Royale
Z1 Battle RoyaleZ1 Battle Royale
Z1 Battle RoyaleZ1 Battle Royale
Z1 Battle RoyaleZ1 Battle RoyaleZ1 Battle Royale