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Get your Javelins ready with Anthem's launch trailer

We've got plenty of gameplay to witness before we get ready to go out into Bioware and EA's game next week.

While this Friday we have a ton of releases like Metro Exodus to prepare ourselves for, a week later we'll be getting Anthem on February 22, and now EA and Bioware have provided a launch trailer to get us excited before we suit up in our Javelins and head out.

'Hype' would probably be the keyword to describe this trailer, as it's packed with epic battle music, long sections of gameplay, combat, explosions, and of course some ominous shots of Freelancers gearing up for battle as they stare into the camera.

The game hasn't even been launched yet and we already have a roadmap for the year ahead, including new content that will bolster the offering after players reach the end of the game. Cataclysms are coming as a part of this, which you can see in the Endgame trailer below.

Is Anthem on your radar?