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Fortnite ads pushed for those searching for Apex Legends

It seems those looking for Respawn's game are getting targeted ads for their competitor from Epic Games, at least on Google.

Apex Legends has caused quite a stir in the battle royale community. After getting one million players in eight hours this number grew to 2.5 million hours in 24 hours before hitting 10 million in 72 hours, meaning that as of right now - less than a week after the launch last Monday evening - the game is the talk of the town, from streamers to players jumping in themselves.

This poses a question that everyone's been asking though: will this affect Fortnite? Epic's game is undoubtedly the king of the genre, but with Apex Legends' rise this has come into question, which may be why people are finding adverts for Epic's game when they search for Respawn's.

As reported by outlets like Fortnite News, searching for Apex Legends often gives users an advert for Fortnite, which all has to do with Google letting advertisers associate campaigns with specific keywords, indicating targeted advertising from Epic Games for those searching for their competitor.

It wouldn't be surprising to think that Epic is concerned either, as Apex is hot property right now and already has a roadmap of content for the rest of the year. Perhaps this is also why Epic vice president Mark Rein deleted his tweet after congratulating Respawn on their game.

Is Fortnite in trouble?