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Apex Legends

Watch us get some wins in Apex Legends

Bangalore and Lifeline proved valuable Legends as we got the glorious Champions screen at the end of two sessions on PC.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

Apex Legends has just been released as of Monday, and while we've gotten busy on our livestreams for the last two days by showcasing the game on console (Xbox One) and then PC, we've got even more gameplay to bring to you in bite-sized chunks.

Below you can see three videos. The bottom one shows us in a standard game getting to grips with things on PC, but in the two above you can see us getting the win with both Bangalore and Lifeline, two very different Legends that offer their own styles of play.

In just 24 hours the game has hit 2.5 million players, so it's not surprising to hear that it's taken the place of Titanfall 3, even if Respawn is working on more Titanfall content in some form this year.

Did we do well?

Apex Legends

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