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Trials Rising

Trials Rising's post-launch plans unveiled by Ubisoft

Expansion Pass owners can expect to ride from Route 66 to Antarctica, and if you pre-order you can even get a gorilla suit.

Trials Rising is racing our way later this month, but before the game launches Ubisoft has provided us with the post-launch plans for RedLynx's game, whether that be the Expansion Pass or the free events and Seasons that players can enjoy for no added cost.

To talk about the Expansion Pass first of all, this will include over 55 tracks taking players across a variety of locations. Expansion 1: Trials Rising Sixty Six, for example, delivers Route 66 to us in all its glory, with new tracks, contracts, and clothing (like a football helmet). Expansion 2: Trials Rising Crash & Sunburn, however, takes us to the Southern Hemisphere, from Peru to Antarctica, featuring two new bikes, challenges, and an explorer-themed outfit.

Aside from these big expansions we also have the Stuntman Rider Pack in this Pass, letting you dress as a Stuntman as you defy gravity, while the Samurai Item Pack gives you even wilder customisation options.

On top of the Expansion Pass, Seasons will be coming as well, giving players access to new poses, animations, and customisation items, not to mention seasonal events and Weekly Challenges too, the latter of which will provide in-game objectives with rewards like in-game currency and limited-time prizes.

Trials Rising will release on February 26 for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One, and Ubisoft reminds us that the Standard and Gold Editions are available for pre-order now, with the latter including the Expansion Pass and a whole load of extra content on top of that. If you pre-order you also get the Jungle Rider Pack for a gorilla suit and bike camouflage, as well as the Wild West Rider Pack to ride off into the sunset with. Each pack includes five items for the rider, and one for the bike.

If you're interested you can even check out some PS4 gameplay down below, and check out our recent preview from last month, to get your engines going before release.

Will you get the Expansion Pass?

Trials Rising