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Jump Force

Jump Force's roster is complete after adding Jotaro and Dio

The fighting game is releasing next week, and Bandai Namco has revealed that this latest trailer has rounded off the character offering.

Jump Force has been getting character announcements all over the place ever since it was first revealed, with Spike Chunsoft and Bandai Namco regularly pulling heroes and villains from popular franchises to put them into the game, but it appears that we won't be seeing anymore, at least for now.

This is because the Bandai Namco US Twitter account recently responded to someone speculating that more characters would be revealed by saying:

"Nope! The roster is complete!"

Of course there was a lot of negativity in the comments as people expected certain characters to be in there, but the game already includes a big offering of characters, some trailers of which we've included below to give you a taste of the variety on offer. We also don't know what characters will be added after launch as well, as is so often the case with fighting games.

Jotaro and Dio have just been added, as you can see in the video below, and you can expect the full game next Friday, a day that's packed with big releases when it comes to the world of gaming.

Are there any characters missing, in your opinion?

Jump Force