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Anno 1800

Anno 1800 gets an open beta in April ahead of release

Ubisoft has just revealed the dates, and you can sign up right now to try the new and returning features before the full game arrives.

Strategy game Anno 1800 was revealed all the way back in 2017, a game that's made to appeal both to traditional and sci-fi fans, and now Ubisoft has announced that an open beta for the game will be taking place between April 12 and 14 for Windows PC.

This is very close to the release date of April 16, again for Windows PC, and if you're interested you can head on over to this link to register. If you want to pre-order as well, this will get you the Imperial Pack featuring extra content, although Digital Deluxe and Pioneers Editions owners get access to exclusive content like the Anarchist character.

The game combines plenty of features from the 20 years the series has been active for, including a story-driven campaign, sandbox, and classic multiplayer experience as you try to build your city. Individual AI opponents are returning by popular demand too, as well as shippable trade goods, randomly generated maps, and a whole lot more.

Will we see you in the open beta?

Anno 1800