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New Control video shows development from early prototype

When compared to the E3 2018 demo the early prototype is worlds apart, but the core concepts are still shared between both.

Remedy surprised everyone by announcing their new game Control at Sony's E3 conference last year, and after we received a very ominous trailer last month, now we have a new video showing gameplay from an early prototype compared to a demo walkthrough from E3.

The early concepts are just as dark and ominous as we've seen from the more polished videos of Control, and it's interesting to see just how far it has come. It basically serves to show off the core concepts at play within Remedy's upcoming game, like the many instances where gravity is ignored.

Check out the video below, and remember that Max Payne and Alan Wake lead actors will appear in Control as well, so this is really something for Remedy fans to enjoy.

Is Control high on your list for 2019?