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Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus gets a new Artyom's Nightmare trailer

Get a taste of how hostile life above the surface can be for our protagonist, from strange beasts to intense gunfights.

Next week 4A Games and Deep Silver will finally be unleashing Metro Exodus upon the world, and while a lot of the talk around the game is centered on the Epic Games Store exclusivity on PC, the pair have released a new trailer to get us ready for the launch, called Artyom's Nightmare

"Dreams can quickly turn to nightmares," as the video's description puts it, and we see this when Artyom's dream of a life on the surface away from the Metro turns sour. Gunfights, chases, and giant beasts are the reason for this, all of which you can see in the extended trailer down below.

The new Uncovered trailer can be watched down below too if you want even more Metro Exodus action, although you don't have long to wait until you can get your hands on it yourself.

Is Metro Exodus a game you've been waiting a long time for?

Metro Exodus