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Bioware details changes coming to Anthem's Open Demo

We also get a list of improvements planned for the full release next month, although for now scale testing is a big priority.

Bioware's Head of Live Service Chad Robertson has been quite vocal with the Anthem community, especially during the weekend when there were technical issues with the VIP Demo, but now we have a new update post revealing what changes fans can expect from this weekend's Open Demo, running from February 1 to 3.

Robertson clarifies that Bioware learned a lot from the feedback given last weekend, and the updates include:

  • Server performance updates to address much of the rubber-banding

  • Fixes for infinite loads and more being investigated

  • Platform bugs to validate Javelin unlocks

  • Client and platform login bugs

Scale testing is also happening this week to prepare for the increased amount of players coming in this Friday, which is particularly focused on getting the infinite loading problems improved.

These aren't the only changes though, as we're also getting the following in the full game, albeit not for the Open Demo:

  • Weapons with 0% infusions

  • Weapons with bonus that applies to different Javelins

  • Plot integrity / party gather issues

  • Changes to Javelin unlock behavior

  • Fixes for losing XP at end of some expeditions

  • Performance Improvements

  • Additional stability fixes

  • A Social Hub: The Launch Bay

  • And a few thousand more (literally)...

Robertson concludes by thanking fans for their feedback and response to the game, and shares some interesting statistics. 9 million hours were played across the three days the VIP Demo was open, with over a million strongholds completed and 2 million grabbits killed.

If you did have issues with the VIP Demo though you'll be pleased to hear that you'll be getting some goodies during the Open Demo, including access to all four Javelins and a vinyl decal.

Is the Open Demo part of your weekend plans?