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Fortnite's v7.30 patch notes detail what's new

We're getting new content across Creative, Battle Royale, and Save the World, including X-Ray Llamas in the latter.

Epic Games has revealed a bunch of new changes that have landed in Fortnite with update v7.30, which extends not only to fans of the Battle Royale mode, but also Creative and Save the World.

The Chiller Grenade has landed in Battle Royale, but on top of that we also have mobile controller support, meaning that on compatible devices you can connect a bluetooth controller for a new way to play. A limited time mode called Solid Gold has also arrived, where all weapon spawns are legendary and there's increased material gathering.

Those who want to get Creative can also use the new piano keys and music blocks to make a tune out of, and there are Arctic Base prefabs too, letting you create an original winter wonderland. What's more is you can also now edit permissions per player on your Island too.

With regards to Save the World we're getting the X-Ray Llamas we reported on yesterday, not to mention a sword called the Spectral Blade which can be earned by completing this week's Frostnite Challenge.

For more on the nitty-gritty of the smaller changes made to each mode be sure to check the full patch notes here.

What mode is your favourite of the three?