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PUBG celebrates Vikendi launch with scavenger hunt

Xbox One players can win some PUBG goodies in the Vikendi launch celebration scavenger hunt.

Bluehole Studio is celebrating the Xbox One launch of winter map Vikendi with a Playerunknown's Battlegrounds scavenger hunt with plenty of prizes for players to win both real-life merchandise and in-game cosmetics. The scavenger hunt is simple; participants are to find and take a screenshot of their in-game characters next to challenge images that are located at different places on the Vikendi map and then send the screenshot and their gamertags and email addresses to the hosts here.

To find these images, one has to take a look at the scavenger hunt "map" that you can check out below and follow the markers.

The first player to do this on any of the challenges wins some PUBG goodies, both in real life and in the game. Each player can only claim one prize, so if you're looking to score big time when searching Vikendi, you will only win the scavenger hunt once. In the game, however, you can grab a pair of Snow Sunglasses for getting a screenshot of all of the challenges within the time limit.

Want to read more about the scavenger hunt? Head on over to the official PUBG website!

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