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Wargroove including cross-platform play at launch

PC, Switch, and Xbox One users can play alongside each other on February 1, with the PS4 version landing at a later date.

Last week Nintendo hosted an Indie Highlights show in which plenty of new games were revealed for the Nintendo Switch, and among the many titles there was Chucklefish's strategy game Wargroove, due to land on February 1.

That's exciting news in itself, but now the game's Twitter account has also revealed that cross-platform play will be included between this version, PC, and Xbox One at launch. "Sometimes your friends aren't in the same faction as you, and that's okay!," as they say.

The game is still confirmed for PlayStation 4 too, but this version will be coming after the others at some point. Whether this will be included in the cross-platform list remains to be seen, but for now at least three groups can play harmoniously together.

What platform will you be playing on?