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Dragon Ball FighterZ

Four fighters revealed for Dragon Ball FighterZ Season 2

Six are coming, but this weekend we got the reveal of four, two of which are landing this week for FighterZ Pass owners.

The Dragon Ball community has had a lot to enjoy this past weekend, as not only did we finally get a new trailer for Project Z, but fans of Arc System Works' FighterZ also got the reveal of four of the characters coming in Season 2, as unveiled on Twitter.

Broly, Gogeta, Jiren, and Videl are the characters in question, and as expected those with the FighterZ Pass get access to these new fighters. Videl and Jiren are coming on January 31 - this Thursday - while Broly and Gogeta are on their way soon. These are only four of the six characters coming in this second pass too, although we have no idea who the other two could be.

Be sure to check out the trailer below to see these four in action, including of course the moves that you can wield on the battlefield to cause untold destruction. The FighterZ Pass last year could be bought for £28.99 ($34.99 USD and 34.99 euros), and while we don't have pricing on this season we assume it'll be similar.

Which fighter will you choose?

Dragon Ball FighterZ