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Anthem gives VIP demo players goodies for the open demo

This past weekend saw the game suffer a fair few issues, but Bioware has content to thank players ahead of this weekend's outing.

Anthem fans that had access to the VIP demo by pre-ordering ran into a fair few issues as they dived into the game this past weekend. From infinite loading screens to server problems, it's safe to say that EA and Bioware received a fair amount of criticism over the technical performance of the demo, something they've addressed in a blog post.

Bioware apologised for the issues people were having during the weekend, but also said that the feedback provided will help shape the "Live Service well into the future." Head of Live Service Chad Robertson also added that some news is coming on post-launch plans soon, so we'll stay tuned for that.

As for those affected by issues in the VIP demo, Bioware is also giving them a few goodies as a thank you. First up they'll be getting an extra new vinyl at launch, but what's more is that all four Javelins will be available next weekend for those who participated in the VIP demo. If you need reminding, next weekend is when the open demo opens on all platforms, running from February 1 to 3.

Some were calling for Bioware and EA to extend the VIP demo given the issues, and while that's not the case (it's currently closed) the Twitter account for the game revealed we're getting more details on the open demo and the improvements today.

Did you get stuck into the VIP demo?