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PUBG test server patch notes tell us what's coming up next

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds' Vikendi map has been overhauled.

The wonderful winter map Vikendi hit Playerunknown's Battlegrounds last month and since then a lot has happened. If players hop on the game's test servers right now they'll find that said map has seen a massive patch bringing both new content and fixes to the test server experience, giving players an idea as to what they should expect of the map in the future.

The patch brings a new, Vikendi and Erangel exclusive SMG weapon called 'The Bizon' into the mix as well as a new secondary scope slot attachment, 'Canted sight' that is useable on a whole lot of different guns in the game. Apart from these two additions, players on the Vikendi test server can now ride around on a snowbike (a vehicle that will be replacing the motorcycle on the map), which has better mobility than its snowmobile counterpart but with less durability.

Want to read the entirety of the patch notes? Get on over to the official site here!

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