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French intelligence services looking into gaming conversations

Popular games like League of Legends and Counter-Strike are at the heart of this internship offer.

You might have thought that gamers are the last group that intelligence agencies want to be spying on, as all they'd hear is rage and teenage mockery, but it turns out the French intelligence agency wants to be able to monitor "exchanges between players in the embedded chats in this type of video games."

League of Legends, Counter-Strike, PUBG, World of Warcraft, and Fortnite are "diverted from their primary use," explains the ministry, before specifying that "the means of communication made available in these games are discretely used in order to exchange specific information. "

All this comes from an internship offer published by the ministry in many military schools. The program involves mapping the main online video games, identifying servers vulnerabilities, and "extracting network signatures" to recognise and identify the data that will be extracted. In this case, it will be voice or text exchanges between players.

As explained earlier this month by French Newspaper Le Monde, it's probably also a way to attract skilled computer specialists, as well as the younger population. They are currently trying to recruit nearly 400 people to develop their technical potential, after all.

Would intelligence agencies be interested in your conversations?

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