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Aquaman crosses the $1 billion USD mark at the box office

It's the most successful film in the DC extended universe, and the second most successful DC film ever made.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

There's a lot to unpick with the new Aquaman film starring Jason Momoa, as it mixes a Pitbull cover of Toto's Africa with a superhero that hasn't had a lot of respect in recent years, all of which is trying to reclaim some success for a DC extended universe that has had a lot of shortcomings, what with Wonder Woman being perhaps the only film that stands out.

Well, Aquaman may have come up good for DC, as Box Office Mojo reports that the film has now grossed $1 billion USD worldwide, becoming the first in the DC extended universe to do so, but what's more is it's actually now second behind The Dark Knight Rises in terms of DC films as a whole.

China is the top foreign market, providing $287.3 million of the total, but domestically Aquaman grossed $287.8 million. On top of that, the film hasn't even opened in Japan yet, as these fans are waiting until February 8.

It might be financially successful, but does it stand as one of the best DC films?