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Matt Makes Games shares some fresh details on Celeste DLC

The new content will be totally free on all platforms, and Matt Thorson has some news regarding a change in format.

Matt Thorson - the same Matt who runs Matt Makes Games - has revealed some more details about the DLC heading to his acclaimed title Celeste on Twitter, and if you were expecting it to land on the game's first anniversary on January 25, sorry to disappoint but that won't be the case.

We also know from the tweet that "it's all one continuous chapter, no B-Side," and that there are no strawberries either. That said, there are some new items and mechanics, although Thorson didn't go into details about what we can expect here.

The best news is that this will be free on all platforms, and if the Twitter replies are anything to go by, the fans are very excited for this to land in the game, which has already garnered a huge following.

Are you eager for more Celeste in your life?