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Dead or Alive 6

Dead or Alive 6's online beta live for PS Plus players

You can jump into the DOA Colosseum until January 14, but you can also see two new DLC fighters courtesy of a new trailer.

It will take a few more weeks until Dead or Alive 6 enters the ring on March 1, but Koei Tecmo has found a good way to keep fans of the fighting game series happy, as they're holding an online beta on the PS4 this weekend. The servers are available until January 14 (at 14:59 GMT/15:59 CET), but a PlayStation Plus membership is required in order to play.

We can choose from four familiar faces and one newcomer in the Online Versus mode, these being Kasumi, Ayane, Hayate, Hayabusa, and newbie Diego. The DOA Colosseum - the big main venue of the DOA tournament - is the stage of choice here too, but newcomers who want a few tips should look at Koei Tecmo's official website, as the publisher is sharing some more insight and basic combos there for beginners to master before joining the actual fight.

In addition, the publisher has given us a sneak preview of two more pre-order characters called Nyotengu (pre-order incentive) and Phase 4 (part of Dead or Alive 6's Digital Deluxe Edition) in a new video you can find below.

We don't know if PC and Xbox One players will get their own beta, but will you be fighting on PS4 this weekend?

Dead or Alive 6
Dead or Alive 6Dead or Alive 6