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Facebook doesn't actually find GRIS advertising too sexy

Devolver shared a post where a promotion was blocked from Facebook, but all is not as it appears with the "sexually suggestive" warning.

This week publisher Devolver Digital shared a funny anecdote with us, as during their plans to promote the launch trailer of the beautiful adventure GRIS on Facebook earlier this year, the social media site was said to classify the material as "sexual suggestive" and stopped the promotion. As it turns out, there seems to be another way to look at things.

Variety contacted Facebook to get further insight, and according to them the promotion was not prevented due to the in-game material of GRIS - as Devolver implied in their post - but because the campaign led to the publisher's Instagram page. On this page there is a showcase of further projects of the publisher, some of which can easily be seen as "sexually suggestive", a Facebook spokesman said.

GRIS might be seen as sexually suggestive by some, but with games like Scum and Genital Jousting also in Devolver's portfolio, we can understand this point of view a bit more.

Have you given GRIS a go yet?