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Over 18,000 Overwatch players banned in South Korea

The accounts have been named and shamed online, being banned for toxic behaviour like bad language and harassment.

Overwatch has always had a bit of an issue with toxicity, as have a lot of big multiplayer games, and now Dot Esports has reported on a big push from Blizzard South Korea to tackle these players, as 18,188 accounts have been banned. What's more is that the account names have even been published on the game's forum, with everything from throwing games to bad language being reasons for bans.

This is of course a huge list of players to bring the banhammer down on, but as expressed before by figures like Jeff Kaplan, Blizzard is committed to making sure Overwatch is healthy for everyone through various measures.

This extends into esports as well, as the Contenders competition is trialing a new Twitch chat system to make this healthier, although just recently a female Contenders player quit her team after being harassed online about her identity.

A lot more still needs to be done, and there have been calls in Korea for harsher penalties for in-game sexual harassment, but for now bans are a good step in the right direction.

What else can be done to combat toxicity?