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Monster Hunter: World

Assassin's Creed joins forces with Monster Hunter: World

You can earn gear from both Bayek and Ezio Auditore, which will grant damage bonuses when sneaking up on monsters.

Assassin's Creed and Monster Hunter are both formidable franchises in their own right, so what could be better than combining the two? Well, that's what Monster Hunter: World has done with this collaboration, introducing elements of Ubisoft's series into their own game.

By completing the quest SDF: Silent, Deadly, and Fierce you get a mantle that, when equipped, allows you to deal "staggering additional damage to monsters when attacking from a stealth state."

Bayek's armour from Assassin's Creed Origins and Ezio Auditore's hood from Assassin's Creed II to Revelations will be available, unlockable via feathers. This event lasts until January 10 though, so if you want to get into the assassin spirit then you'll need to be quick.

After that we'll have to wait until The Witcher teams up with the game in 2019, but for now will you be working to unlock these items?

Monster Hunter: World
Monster Hunter: World

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